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Managing Yourself and Leading Others

Harvard University

Think of the leaders you most admire. They seem to easily juggle competing demands, confidently motivate their teams to achieve optimum results, effectively navigate across the organization, and never lose their composure. These executives make the job look simple—but it’s not. Designed to help man... read more

Contemporary Approaches to Genetic Resources Conservation and Use

Wageningen University and Research

Large-scale production and marketing of agricultural crops depend on a limited number of genetically uniform varieties that deliver uniform food products. With this approach becoming global, genetic diversity is endangered. Worldwide, strategies are developed to conserve genetic resources. This cour... read more

Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2020

Berlin Summer University of the Arts

Welcome to the Berlin Summer University of the Arts (BSUA)! Every summer since 2012, we’ve been opening our doors for workshops across the range of disciplines: Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Design, Music, Creative Entrepreneurship, Arts Management, and interdisciplinary courses. All that in the hear... read more

Juri Lotman and the Semiotics of Culture: Contemporary Applications

University of Tartu

The aim of the course is to give an introduction to Lotman’s semiotic theory of culture, its theoretical background and context as well as new developments and applications of his theory in current semiotics and cultural sciences. More specific aim is to offer deeper understanding of cultural mechan... read more

Industry 4.0


Imagine what Industry can be in the Future. CentraleSupélec and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris Saclay will showcase disruptive Industry 4.0 technologies (automated production lines, operations 4.0, additive manufacturing, collaborative robots) and let you imagine how todays industrial companies m... read more

Cultural Diversity: Theory and Practice

Tilburg University

What can cross-cultural psychology tell you about your own cultural assumptions? Are you able to understand the unique challenges and benefits of living in a multicultural society? Are your professional or academic goals aimed at working successfully in international businesses, or in multicultural... read more

Dutch Intensive Summer Course

Tilburg University

Are you entering a Dutch university for your BA or MA program or an exchange? Or are you an expat who has little or no knowledge of the Dutch language? DISC, Tilburg University’s innovative Dutch Intensive Summer Course, is a 3-week intensive that will get you from ‘no Dutch at all’ to ‘daily Dutch... read more

English for Academic Purposes Summer Course

Tilburg University

Are you entering an English-language Bachelor's or Master's program and want to quickly take your academic English skills up to an appropriate starting level? This three-week intensive course gives you the fast-paced, intensive boost you need to write and present in English in an academic context.... read more

Spanish for Beginners Summer Course

Tilburg University

Are you planning on studying, doing an exchange program, or working in a Spanish-speaking country? Kickstart your Spanish skills in two short weeks in this small-scale Spanish intensive summer course! No prior knowledge of Spanish is required. By the end of the course, participants are assumed to... read more

Religion, Peace & Non-Violence: Catholicism as a case

Tilburg University

Learn firsthand how religion contributes equally to peace and war. In this one-week summer intensive you will learn to distinguish between several levels of non-violence, receive training in ‘value focused interviewing’, and conduct live interviews with international key-figures who promote non-viol... read more

Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Global Business: Making an Impact

Tilburg University

How to keep supply chains running smoothly in a ‘bumpy’ global environment? How to integrate social and ecological aspects across supply chains while creating economic value? If you live in Northern Europe and have eaten an avocado recently, you have benefited from a supply chain! Supply chains play... read more

Justice for Victims of Conflict-related Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking?

Tilburg University

Thousands of men, women and children are forced into sexual slavery or raped during conflict-situations, and/or, when fleeing conflict, are forced by human traffickers into exploitative practices en route and in the country of destination. What is done to address these crimes and are these approache... read more

Urban Interaction Design: Creating Games for Cities

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Cities are becoming increasingly complex, both in terms of their social and cultural context, and in the technological solutions that are necessary to make them function. In parallel, we are observing a growing attention towards the public dimension of design, addressing societal challenges and oppo... read more

Bible and Video Games

Tilburg University

Have you played video games like The Talos Principle, Bioshock, Zombi, or the Prince of Persia? Do you know the difference between ludology (the critical study of gaming) and narratology (the critical study of narrative structure) and how they affect our perception? This fun, innovative course makes... read more

Understanding Data with R: a hands-on workshop towards becoming a data-analyst

Tilburg University

Which companies are committing fraud? Which scientific hypothesis is correct? Do movie critics differ from regular consumers in their ratings? Whether it’s a fun or serious question, each of these questions require data to answer them. In this course, you will learn the two vital skills for using da... read more

Europe's Unity in Value Diversity

Tilburg University

Europe is changing fast. Confronted with challenges like Artificial Intelligence and a continuing influx of refugees, public opinion is argued to become increasingly polarized, and that values have taken a more conservative turn. In this course, you will learn to address the impact of such challenge... read more

Virtual Fashion Design: the new real

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Are you driven by a desire to make a change in the fashion industry? Empower yourself with new skills and try to nuance your role in the dynamic fashion industry. What innovation are you focusing on? Would you like to learn how to turn your best fashion vision into true to life 3D simulations? Disco... read more

Software for Science

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The summer course Software for Science offers team assignments for developing software for scientific experiments. You will learn best practices for scientific programming and execute them in projects for renowned scientific institutes. The research topics are related to particle physics, (radio-)as... read more

Urban Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The world around us is asking for innovative and entrepreneurial action. This two week summer course will challenge you to find entrepreneurial opportunities that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). It will appeal to your idealism and activism to change the world... read more

Supply Chain Management

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The practice of supply chain management has become widespread in all industries around the globe today with both small and large firms realizing the benefits provided by effective global trade and supply chain management. This summer course uses a logical approach to present discussions of this topi... read more

Reversed City Marketing

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

City marketing practices together with a physical transformation of the European urban landscape have contributed to enforce  this positive image. Historical inner city centers have been beautifully restored and new districts have emerged as all kind of ‘hubs’ for business, events, ICT or innovation... read more

Professional English & Personal Branding

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

If your aim is to one day work in a professional, international environment then this is the course for you. It will help you discover and develop your talents and provide the tools you need to sell your personal brand across the world. The course further aims to provide you with an English level th... read more

Practising Human Rights in Urban Areas

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

During the two-week summer course, you will work on human rights challenges faced by the city of Amsterdam, especially concerning groups in challenging human rights situations. Examples of such challenged groups are refugees, people living in poverty, the LGBT-community and migrants. Learning by do... read more

Experimenting in virtual reality

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

During this summer course you will design and implement a VR/AR experiment where you will try to answer a question on the usability, applicability or effectiveness of VR/AR in your self-built VR or AR environment. Examples of questions: If you want to control a vehicle in VR, would it be beneficia... read more

European Business Skills

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

You will be equipped with cultural, legal and political insight and knowledge of the EU. You will be provided with "do's and don'ts" to strengthen your position in negotiations, to communicate effectively across cultures, and to make sound business decisions. And be empowered to use the opportunitie... read more

Educating Amsterdam : diversity and the city

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Ever wanted to dive deeper into and learn more about the diverse city of Amsterdam? This course enables you to discover Amsterdam, past and present, in the context of other European cities. Plus, you will improve your English-language proficiency as well! Special attention will be paid to present-da... read more

Digital Design & Robotic Construction

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Welcome to the Robot Lab, home of the Digital Production Research Studio (DPRS) at the AUAS Faculty of Technology. The lab is a place where students, teachers and researchers innovate the design and fabrication of physical products and small constructions, while working on challenges from companies... read more

Digital Brand Engagement

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Consumers have more control over social media channels than over any other channel which means that brands really need to become more agile with their digital brand engagement practices. However, it is not always clear how customer engagement can be nurtured and measured. The course offers you the... read more

Capital Game concepts

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

With billions of players worldwide, video and board games have conquered the planet. At the heart of their success is the art of game design: the discipline of creating engaging systems and immersive challenges appealing to the imagination. Whether you want to flesh out your ideas or are just looki... read more

Business of Sport Events and Music Festivals

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Get empowered to chase a future career in Sport Events and/or Music Festivals. This summer course will bring you up to speed with trends and developments. Your team of dedicated lecturers will equip you with knowledge, insights and skills and introduce you to experts from their network. Visits and a... read more

Building world's most trusted robot

Tilburg University

New technologies can be either blessings or devils in device. In the traditional view on the social sciences and humanities in relation to technology, these disciplines are believed to have a limited, secondary role with a large emphasis on issues like facilitating the acceptance and user-friendline... read more

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion — Winter School

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

The course is suitable as the first plasma physics course or an add-on course for senior undergraduate students and graduate students. The primary objective of the course is to present the fundamentals of plasma physics particularly highlighting high-temperature plasma physics and its applications... read more

Intercultural Competence

University of Groningen

Do you want to help others develop their intercultural competence? “How can we develop in ourselves and others the necessary mastery and concomitant humility required to be effective across cultures?” In our rapidly globalizing world, with increasing demands on our ability to collaborate with other... read more

univie: winter school for Cultural Historical Studies

University of Vienna

The winter school courses provide a well-structured introduction into one of the most fascinating periods of Austria's intellectual history in a short time. The culture of the fin-de-siècle is one of the highlights in the history of the Habsburg Monarchy. The two week program combines first class a... read more

Japanese Language Program

Meiji University

Following up on it summer 2019 program, the Meiji University Japanese Language Education Center will offer a short-term Japanese Language Program in winter 2020. The program cultivates study of Japanese language, culture and society from various aspects. Highly motivated participants can expect Meij... read more

A Sustainable Future for the Arctic

University of Groningen

Global warming is most prominent in the Arctic with visible changes in ice and snow and enormous challenges for ecosystems and people to adapt to the new situation. Loss of the Arctic as we know it, coincides with new development in this area on conservation, cooperation, governance and security. Ne... read more

Curating Europe

University of Groningen

What does it mean to study or work in the arts and cultural management field in contemporary Europe? By listening to practitioners in the field and by following workshops we will dive deeper into this subject during this winter school. But we are also interested in your opinions on this subject. We... read more

Stories to Live By: Narrative and Identity

University of Groningen

Organised in the beautiful city of Groningen (Netherlands), this interdisciplinary, week-long course is meant for students and professionals in the arts, literature, theology, philosophy, business, journalism, psychology, coaching, politics, and any other field in which narrative and storytelling pl... read more

Academic Writing in English

Tallinn University

This course is ideal for anyone looking to improve their writing skills in English and is the perfect preparation for written component of IELTS, Cambridge English and TOEFL exams, as well as for those who are just looking to practice and improve their general written English. Each lesson will focu... read more

Pathways Towards Sustainable Futures

University of Groningen

This two-country summer/winter school targets students interested in learning about the unique urban, environmental and transportation policies that have been implemented in The Netherlands in the past and policies that will need to be implemented in the future. These policies include challenges and... read more